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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GP Essays

There is a choice of 12 essay questions for the GP exam. To be able to answer them well, one will need to have the following:

1. An adequate level of English writing standard to express himself/herself well;

2. A certain level of maturity in terms of thinking so as not to be overly emotional in writing;

3. A broad understanding of world and current issues, eg climate change, the economy, international terrorism, infectious diseases, politics, scientific discoveries, religion, history, conflict between nations etc;

4. A keen interest in the above (ie pt 3);

5. An ability to organise one's thoughts and present them in an orderly manner to lead the reader/marker/examiner through the flow of the essay and the various points of argument;

6. An ability to capture the reader's/marker's/examiner's attention by injecting creative thoughts and/or humour;

7. A cool attitude.

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