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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GP Essay Question

If people become ill it is largely their own fault. Do you agree?

People fall ill for various reasons. It could be due to:
- Stress: overworking, over-studying, not having enough rest, in the pursuit of wealth and status.
- Over-enjoyment: eating unhealthy but tasty food, drinking alcohol, smoking, in the pursuit of 'enjoyment'.
- Insufficient Exercise: laziness, sedentary life, excuses for not getting up from the couch, in the pursuit of sloth.
- Taking care of someone: there could be someone in the person's life who requires constant care and attention and this person falls ill as a result of taking care of that person, in the pursuit of love and responsibility.
- Mental illness: bad events that occur in the person's life, family breakups, poverty, depression, in the pursuit of peace and tranquility but is unable to due to bad events.

The above are just some points why people fall ill. In my opinion, some are largely due to own fault, but some are not.

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