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Friday, April 23, 2010

GP Question - Cont .....

Should wealth be our no 1 priority? Well, that really depends on the individual. Some people regard wealth as the top aim in life, where without it, there can never be happiness.

Others regard various other issues as more important than wealth or perhaps just as important as wealth.

Those other areas that people are concerned about would be (non-exhaustive):
- Religion
- Health
- Family
- Friends
- Relaxation: Time to smell the roses and listen to the birds
- Career choice based on their personal interests and not based on monetary rewards
- Ethics: Doing business in an ethical manner means more to them than monetary gains
- etc etc

One can choose to answer this question supporting wealth as the no 1 priority or one can choose to talk about the other more or equally important things in life.

To do well, one has to:
- use good, strong, clear, concise, yet easily understandable English to express opinions
- have strong arguments to back one's points
- bring in real-life examples as illustrations
- direct the flow of the essay to ensure that it is smooth, from start to end
- enable the introduction and conclusion to do their jobs of actually introducing what the essay is about and where it is leading to, and to conclude and wrap up the main points and arguments and have at least some form of closure.

1 comment:

Bal said...

There are other things in life that are more important than just money lah. I reckon we need to have family and friends listed first.