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Saturday, April 03, 2010

GP Tuition

Q: Do you think Sport is now too closely linked to money?


It is most definitely. One only needs to compare the salary that sportsmen, in the past (eg in the 70s and 80s) and the present, are earning to understand the huge difference.

Real-life examples could be brought in to support the claim. Examples such as what the EPL footballers are earning nowadays tell a significant story. An average footballer earns $50,000 pounds a week, while the more popular ones get more than $100,000 pounds a week. It is similar in the Italian and Spanish Leagues. Even the arguably smaller leagues like the German and French Leagues pay close to those figures too.

Other examples include what the golfers and tennis players etc are earning. Compare them with players from the past.

TV and advertising rights are pushing the numbers even higher.

Examine the pros and cons associated with sport being linked to money. Does it serve as a motivation for young people to carve a career for themselves in this area? Will it bring the best to sport? Will it bring out the best in sport? Will it enable sport standards to increase? Does it destroy the passion for the sport?

Discuss your standpoint and come to a conclusion about what you think and feel about this issue.


Anderson said...

They are overpaid for sure.

Unknown said...


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