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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GP Common Test

Some of my students are taking the school's common test coming up next week.

For Paper 1:
Choose the topic areas that interest you or that you already know quite a bit about and further strengthen your knowledge by researching deeper into those areas.

Read up, take notes, remember examples, but most importantly, truly understand the issues behind what you are reading, preparing, writing. The worst possible scenario is to memorize points and examples, only to waste all of it by mis-reading or mis-interpreting the essay question.

Although essay questions that appear in paper 1 are quite similar in nature (if you look at the TYS or past JC/sch exams), they sometimes contain an added sentence, or an extra word or two, or ask for a specific point by using the word ''key'' for example.

Reading and thoroughly understanding the exam essay question is the most important thing to do during exams, NOT rushing to write whatever you know or have memorized. Next comes planning what you want to write, the structure and the points. Actual writing follows only after the above two actions have been taken.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. They are useful.

Corrine said...

i m JC1 student doing common test soon. Streesful but would try my best lah. Enjoy this blog btw. (=