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Saturday, May 22, 2010

GP Topic: Paper 1

Q: In The Area Of Human Procreation, To What Extent Do You Support Interference From A Medical Science Perspective?


- Briefly define what Medical Interference is?
- State your stance.
- Discuss what the present state of the world is in the past, present, and the possible trend in the future.
- Explain in detail what the advantages/disadvantages (depends on your stance) are for cloning, gene manipulation, fertility treatment, abortion, contraception, sterilization etc.
- Eg for cloning (advantage), would be in the use of human cell development for reproductive cloning (still in the research phase).
- One has to be able to know his/her stuff on the above areas in order to explain clearly and concisely and give facts to support one's stance.
- Conclusion.

Overall, not an easy topic to attempt. Anyone doing this question is brave, but remember the saying, high risk high gain. This question falls into that category. It is risky to attempt this question, but if done well, will definitely impress the marker and a high grade will follow. Moreover, most students will shy away from this topic, therefore, the markers will get to read a 'fresh' essay after reading tonnes of essays written on 'student friendly' topics such as technology, education, sports etc.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't try this question for sure,tough tough.

Luke's blog said...

wow it's real tough man!

Ricki said...

wat sorta question lah???