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Saturday, May 08, 2010

GP Tuition

Besides studying hard, one has to cultivate good study habits.

1. Set a schedule, ie when you want to study say GP. Eg, every mon and thur nite 9-11pm.

2. Keep to the schedule.

3. Focus and concentrate while you are studying and/or practising GP questions and sample exams.

4. Eat wisely and get enough rest, also have some leisure time of your own to reward yourself after studying hard. Also, do some physical exercise.

5. Stay positive.

6. Always smile and laugh wherever possible.

7. Build good relationships with family and friends.

8. Keep abreast with current world issues, perhaps just read the main headline news if you don't have the time or interest. Also, choose the news articles related to the topic areas that you are focusing on for the paper 1 exam.

9. Keep asking questions, learn from seniors. Don't be afraid to ask or appear ''silly'' by not knowing. It's ok to not know, everyone has to learn and everyone is learning, no matter how old or young he/she is.

10. If you can, enjoy what you are doing. You might think that studying GP is a pain, but you may not realise that there are so many other situations that you are so blessed not to be in (eg, being sent to a war torn country for duty, homelessness, not enough money to study, have a handicap and cannot study properly, starving etc), studying for GP isn't that bad after all. =)

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