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Monday, June 14, 2010

General Paper Tuition

An ageing population could be seen as a problem for any country and government. It arguably eats into the country's resources and most governments facing this ''problem'' are worried that a large chunk of the country's budget would have to be allocated to serve the needs of the elderly.

There are some ways to tackle this so-called problem. Some seniors/elderly keep themselves fit and healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle by eating right and getting enough moderate exercise. They remain optimistic and positive and join social activities that are organised for them. Some seniors/elderly even take on a second career after their retirements and are doing well financially too. Some others are taking on consultancy positions where they impart their years of industry experience to young adults.

Seniors/Elderly can play a role in society. It does not mean that a elderly person, who has reached his/her autumn years, has to take a step back and head towards doom and gloom. The age of a person depends very much on a person's mental state and health, if he/she feels like 25 in his/her heart, it does not matter if his/her age is 70 or 80. The important issue is to stay healthy and positive. There are people who go for marathons at age 70 plus or climb a mountain at that age too. I am not suggesting that seniors/elderly do such extreme activities, but rather to take it a bit slower (than marathons and mountain climbing) and enjoy life to the fullest.

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