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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GP Question

Q: Is Imagination More Important Than Knowledge? What are your views and do you agree?

Knowledge consists of scientific, historical, mathematical, technological, artistic, etc etc. The knowledge given to us are from either experts (who are humans) or from media sources (books, newspapers, journals, archived records, internet etc).

Ask yourself this question, before these experts knew (the knowledge that they have today) or before the articles (that gives us the knowledge of today) were written, the so-called ''knowledge'' was not yet discovered. They had to do something to discover it in the first place. Things had to be tried, experimented, tested.

So knowledge is important, but imagination is even more important if we are to progress from where we are today. We need imagination to create more opportunities and once these opportunities are taken and put into practice and becomes a success, it will cement itself as a new and better ''Knowledge''.

Rich people like Bill Gates (in the USA) and Adam Khoo (in Singapore) were both unknown commoners before they decided to put their ideas and imaginations into practice, that is putting their business concepts out live. Once they were able to climb and reach their goals, they were considered successes and are now giving others advice on how to success in business (knowledge).

Even a poor child on the streets of Brazil or Africa etc can imagine or picture himself/herself as a world-class footballer or other sportsperson and if he/she doesnt just day dream but puts his/her imagination into action, there is a chance he/she will succeed and become a player at a top football club or world-class sportsperson earning millions of dollars a year. When he/she eventually retires, his/her experience will be regarded as quality knowledge and he/she could even write a book about his/her life or conduct seminars for aspiring young sports people.

The above are just a few examples.

It is good to have knowledge because knowledge keeps us informed about the things around us, that is what is good or bad for us, how we should do certain things, fly a plane, drive a car, build a machine, construct a factory, run a business, study effectively, take medicines etc, however, it is essential and almost vital that imagination never ceases if improvements are to be achieved.

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