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Sunday, June 27, 2010

GP Question

''The Truth Does Not Matter Anymore In Today's World''. Do You Agree?

- Define what truth is.

- State your stance.

Arguments for, that is that the truth does not matter anymore:

- Most stories in the mass media are sensationalized in order to add 'spice' to attract attention and increase readership/viewership.

- In relationships (r/s) between people, complete open sincere honest sharing of information between people no longer exist. Boss-subordinate r/s, colleague-colleague r/s, husband-wife r/s, parent-children r/s, friend-friend r/s, business partner-partner r/s are examples of how the truth is not always shared amongst people because ''Benefit'' is the one that rules here on this earth. What benefits an individual most will be the action taken regardless of whether or not the truth has been told.

- In today's world, more and more people are connecting with one another through the cover of the internet. Sometimes, the person at the other end might not be the person that you think he/she is.

- In today's competitive business and money-making world, even respected professionals such as Doctors and Lawyers cannot be trusted. There have been instances of Lawyers making off with large sums of money from their clients and disappearing into ''thin air'' after empty promises were made to their clients. Some doctors also prescribe unnecessary medicines for patients for the sake of increasing profits.

- Political intentions and truths are hard to ascertain too. For example, the true reason behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003 by the US led forces has not been unfolded. The reason given by them is that Iraq possessed WMD (weapons of mass destruction), so in order to prevent Iraq from using the WMD to cause danger to the rest of the world, the US led forces had to invade Iraq. However, several critics have allegedly discovered evidence to show that Iraq did not possess WMD at all.

Arguments against, that is that the truth does matter:

- Scientific studies require objective evidence to develop a theory.

- There are still a number of people who are sincere, honest and truthful in today's society. Eg, people who pick up lost wallets/purses and return them to their owners.

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