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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

World's Top Issues

- Natural Calamities (eg Earthquakes, Cyclones, Hurricanes, And The Recent Volcanic Ash in Iceland)
- Health Epidemics (eg H1N1, SARS, AIDS)
- Global Warming, Climate Change and Depletion of Natural Resources (eg Oil)
- Loss of Biodiversity (Extinction)
- Poverty
- Human Rights (eg Many Political Prisoners Are Held Without Trial)
- The Middle East
- Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Weapons
- Terrorism (eg Al Qaeda, JI)
- Piracy (eg Somali Pirates)
- Financial, Economic, Banking Crisis
- Mass Killings (eg Shooting/Stabbing Sprees In The US, UK, China etc)
- Ageing Population
- Euthanasia
- Widening of The Rich and Poor Gap, Also Rich and Poor Nations (eg Access To Technology Gap)

The above is non-exhaustive. Please feel free to comment if you have more issues to share. Thanks.

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