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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GP Essay

Q: Do Humans Today Depend Too Much On Technology?

- Decades ago, there were no television sets, computers, dvd players in middle to lower income households.

- Nowadays, even low income families have these electrical gadgets.

- Decades back, children play games out in the open field. Football, badminton, marbles, you name it.

- These days, children largely indulge in video games, PC games etc. They do not go outdoors as much anymore.

- Decades before, students and office workers do not have computers, let alone the internet. They communicated with one another using mainly the face-to-face medium.

- Starting from this century, people have started to communicate with mobile phones, internet chats, emails etc. There are fewer opportunities for social face to face interactions amongst people.

The key points from the above are that people today depend too much on technology and may have lost alot of useful social skills such as communicating and interacting with others face to face.

If the technology that we are so reliant on, suddenly 'disappears' due to some unforseen circumstances (war, hacker activities, etc), humans may be left 'crippled' and not have the necessary skills to function properly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yah , nowadays, everything is technology-linked i dont see a return to the good old days of socialising like back in the past.