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Saturday, July 10, 2010

GP Question

Has The Modern Age Made Us More Lonely?

- Touch on what the modern age entails. Compare briefly with ''the not so modern age'' (years back).

- Explain the boundaries (in terms of what you are writing) of what loneliness mean.

Yes, to the Question:

- Busy/hectic lifestyles (students and working adults alike).

- Concerned with survival and making a living.

- Technological advancements on the one hand connect people, on the other hand, isolate people. People nowadays have cut down tremendously on meeting face to face, alot of these human interactions have been substituted by technology.

- More educated people, smaller world (globalized), wider opportunities, people are moving around alot compared to the past, moving inter-state or overseas, disruptive towards long term relationships.

- More emphasis (in terms of modern culture) placed on career, business, not on family and relationships.

- Statistics in the areas of modern family sizes, number of marriages, are moving south (going downwards), while the number of singles, smaller house dwellings such as studio apartments and one bedroom flats are on the rise.

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