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Monday, August 09, 2010

GP Question

Should Sports Be Just About Winning? Which Is More Important? The Value Of Sports Or Winning?

This question can be answered in a no of ways.

Most students would most probably choose the stance that the value of sports is more important than winning. Remember, winning is but just a part, factor, element of the whole issue of sports.

There are so many other facets linked with sports and the value that each can create. The below examples are some.

- Sportmanship character that goes beyond the field or the court into workplaces in the future and into society in general.

- Team Bonding, Team Spirit, co-operation between team members, values that could make a person a more well-rounded individual.

- Builds stamina and strength and maintains good health (both physical and mental health) that goes a long way in assisting people to lead happy healthy lives and cope with the pressures of life.

- Builds up the ''to persevere'' spirit that could train a person to ''fight'' the many battles in life.

- Teaches or occupies troubled youths, teenagers in some countries, enables them to stay clear of bad addictions such as drugs and cigarettes.

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