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Thursday, July 29, 2010

GP Tutor : People Are Usually Selfish And Have Double Standards.

Most people are selfish. This is human nature. People only care for themselves and would act in a manner that benefit themselves most. There are no two ways about that. Sad but true.

Let's look at an example, Human A cries foul when Human B back stabs Human A for a promotion. Some time into the future, Human A sees an opportunity to back stab Human C to gain a promotion which brings with it a 20% pay increase, better benefits, bigger bonuses. Do you think Human A will stop himself from 'eating the cake' placed infront of him/her?

Let's look at another example. Human Z sits in a common reading room which says that shoes have to be removed. Human Z removes his/her shoes, but Human Y does not. Human Z tells Human Y to remove his/her shoes as it is part of the reading room rules. Human Z is doing this because he/she has removed his/her shoes so he/she feels that others should do likewise. Sometime into the future, Human Z walks his/her dog downstairs the apartment park and passes the swimming pool with his/her dog. The pool rules state that pets are not allowed near the water. Do you think Human Z will obey this pool rule?

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Anonymous said...

He won't obey, people are really just don't bother!