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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is Altruism Still Alive In This Age?

If your answer is a big ''No'', then the below are some points:

- Is Selflessness still alive?

- People nowadays are so busy that they forget about this virtue.

- In our pursuit of economic success and independence, we have somehow left ''selflessness'' behind.

- Difficult to find people offering help to others without expecting something in return.

- Even some people who do charity work are only doing it for their own personal reasons, perhaps to help their children gain admission into a top primary school.

- The NKF saga (from a few years back) shows that certain people within the charity circle are also untrustworthy.

- Some countries that offer aid to others, do it for the sake of scoring monetary or economic points (either domestically or internationally). Some have a hidden agenda behind all the ''good'' that they do.

Of course you could choose to defend the case by saying that altruism is well and truly alive in this age. You would need to work very hard to argue your points and give relevant examples to make your essay convincing.

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