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Friday, August 13, 2010

GP Essay Question

Does Today's Society Place Too Much Emphasis On Paper Qualifications?

- Write about what paper qualifications mean or consist of.

- Write about parents these days putting pressure on their kids to do well at school. And priority is always given to their children's education. Much time, effort and money are spent to help their children gain the ''best'' education.

- Discuss the ''prestige'' a child receives when he/she does well at major exams and earns a good certificate from a reputable educational institution.

- Briefly talk about what the media emphasises on (as the media has such a large influence on society). The media would usually publish articles about a top student doing well in school and elaborate about his/her life. There may be interviews with top students about how they manage to juggle the pressures of school life and achieve what they have achieved etc etc. An average student very rarely gets into the media's spotlight.

- Touch on what paper qualifications can bring a person these days? The sort of pay one can expect and the position, eg a young graduate leading a team of seasoned and experienced staff with over 20 or even 30 years of on the job experience. And does it always turn out well? Can this young leader perform? Does he/she have the necessary skills to effectively lead? Talk about examples of how some young leaders have done well and how others have not and briefly evaluate the reasons behind the success or failure (eg as the young leader has been mainly burying himself/herself in books throughout his/her school life, he/she is not exposed enough to have the adequate practical skills). Just remember not to stray into the territory of over-writing about whether or not you think paper qualifications should be emphasised? This is because the question does not ask you ''what is your view''? or ''to what extent is this useful/beneficial''? Just need to let the reader know whether or not your essay is saying that ''too much emphasis is being placed.........'' or ''not much emphasis is being placed.......''

- Write a concluding paragraph.


Christine said...

Hello Eagle!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. Great to hear about another person trying to be more alive in their living!

Your website looks good - GP was my favourite subject in JC, but I wasn't great at it... :)

All the best!

Eagle said...

Hey Christine,

Thanks for your comments here. And thanks for the compliments about my blog/website. Also, glad that you liked GP!