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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

GP Help : Please Take Note

Students who want help in GP should play their part in having or at least learning to cultivate a keen interest in current or past issues/affairs too. Please note that GP is different from Maths, Science or Econs where there is a syllabus to follow. GP is more a discussion based subject where content marks are awarded for essays that show good depth in demonstrating strong knowledge of key current/past domestic, international and global issues. This strength can also be combined with passage(s) info to score well in the AQ for Paper II.


QS said...

I read somewhere that due to the tight race to gain power amongst the major political parties, a hung parliament is the likely outcome. This is interesting because I learn something new, ie hung parliament.

Grace said...

It's very hard to write essays. I feel the essay is the hardest. Compre is still manageable because I still have the compre passage to rely on. But essays are really hard. Sigh!!