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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Australian Election Results

PM Julia Gillard & her Labour Party have been said to have used ''bribes'' to win the recent nail-biting elections in Australia.

The main issues that were contested between her party and the opposition are:

- Mining Tax
- National Broadband Network
- Rural Healthcare
- Environmental Laws
- Immigration (to a smaller extent)
- etc etc

Please see this article. http://myepaper.mypaper.sg/ebook/web_php/fvbrowserjs.php?urljs=http://myepaper.mypaper.sg/ecreator/sphopf/mya090910cnd_opf_files/mya090910cnd.js&ver=Gen

Once the above link is opened, just put your cursor on the right hand side page and click 5 times to get to the relevant page.

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