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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Natural Disasters: Australian Floods

The recent floods that devastated large parts of the Australian state of Queensland have far-reaching implications not only for the victims themselves but also for the entire Australian working/income generating community.

The flood victims have to start their lives literally from scratch with their homes and furniture almost totally destroyed if not totally destroyed. These houses and items are rarely covered under insurance as floods are classified as 'Act of God' in most cases.

There is now also the possibility of the wider Australian community being affected by the floods. These are the taxpayers, that is those who are in the Australian workforce. They can be Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or anyone else who is working/doing business in Australia and who is paying tax off their income. The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is proposing a flood levy (like a tax), and most middle to high income earners will have to fork out a sum of money to help with the flood cleanup and assistance. At the end of the day, people's income will be reduced as a result of 'helping out' their mates in Queensland. Sentiments are split with some people agreeing with the flood levy proposal while many others are against it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please Participate In The Poll If You Can, Thanks.

I have received many enquiries from students as well as parents. Therefore, I would like to conduct a poll on your preferences with regard to tuition venues and if individual or group tuition is more popular?

Appreciate it, btw, the poll is just on the top right hand side of this web page.

Thank you very much.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

No Tuition For This Period

Hi Everyone, kindly note that there will not be any tuition for this period as I am overseas on an assignment. Please feel free to leave comments here or email me if you have any GP related questions, I will try my best to answer them. You could also continue to visit this blog for updated info every now and then. Happy New Year 2011.

Crowded And Stressful City?

Some people feel that Singapore is becoming over-crowded. People people everywhere. As it is, the population is approximately 5m and increasing to maybe 7m into the not too distant future.

Some also feel that there are too many foreigners around and as a result, jobs and other opportunities are diminishing for the locals.

Everybody is always in a hurry and there are also arguably more road rage incidents and unnecessary fights and quarrels amongst people/strangers on the streets.

The weather is already always hot but the mood of most people is perhaps also reaching boiling point these days.