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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Power Of Influence In This World

To illustrate how much power influence has on the people of this world is simple, just look at the riots and protests happening in the Middle East and North Africa right now.

First it was Tunisia, then Egypt, now Bahrain, Yemen, Libya. People who are frustrated with their governments have always suppressed their feelings untill they see what others in a similar position can do to force their president/prime minister to step down.

Once people witness what others can do, they too want to do it. INFLUENCE in this world can be a very scary thing.

This is something which students can take note of, you can use it in your essays or maybe more in the application question when, for example, you are asked to evaluate something along the lines of 'influence' and its power or effects etc. You need to use materials from the comprehension passage(s) but at the same time you need to throw in some real-life/out of passage examples to demonstrate your understanding as well as your general knowledge.

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