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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Answering The AQ

There are some techniques required for answering the AQ appropriately.

First, you have to understand the passage(s) well enough to form an opinion.

Second, you have to understand the AQ and what it is that it is actually asking.

Third, the AQ will usually ask you if you agree with the author(s) or do not agree? And with which author do you agree more (if there are 2 passages)? Answer the AQ according to steps (1) and (2) above, that is, your overall opinion of the passage(s) and what the AQ is actually asking you.

Fourth, Write with materials from the passage(s), in your own words, to support your opinion and which author you are in agreement with, also, write why you do not support the other author (not too much, but do write as well).

Fifth, besides using materials from the passage(s), use relevant current affairs/events (from news, newspapers etc) to show the marker that you have the necessary knowledge to be worthy of a good score for the AQ.

PS: I am based overseas now, but will continue giving free advice on this website/blog whenever I have the time.


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