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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Humans vs Animals

Some believe that humans are similar to animals in many ways.

Humans need to eat, so humans go to work to earn money, then use the money to buy food and other things deemed important to us. Animals hunt or graze to get food.

Humans guard their territories with force, just look at how some countries are so sensitive when neighbouring countries test fire missiles close to their borders. Or how people at work guard their territories (job positions) when they sense that someone else is a threat to them. Or how gangs guard their territories when rivals step into their areas. Animals are super sensitive when other animals come into their territories. They would physically fight them.

Humans procreate just like animals. Males fight with other Males to win over Females.

Humans do not fear others when they sense that they are bigger, larger, stronger, in a larger group etc. Animals react similarly.

The list goes on.

The difference is that in most civilised human societies, there is Law and Order. Laws are made in parliament, enforced and carried out by the country's courts and police force.

This is what makes humans different from animals. The fact is that there are consequences to actions taken. Therefore, humans think twice before taking action, animals do not.

In uncivilised societies, Law and Order does not exist, over there, one can witness the brutality of human behaviour. An example is the Somali Pirates, they attack, hijack, and kidnap people to either rob them or demand a ransom from their loved ones or countries.

PS: The above is from the perspective of the world and has no connection to religion. From the perspective of religion, humans are very different from animals.


Anonymous said...

I just had a essay the other day about all this humans and animals thing, should hv read this before doing that in-class test, oh well.....

Anonymous said...

goodand interesting article.

Anonymous said...

goodand interesting article.