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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Never Satisfied

People are usually never satisfied with what we already have. We always focus on things which we do not currently have and struggle to get them. Once we finally get them, we are happy for awhile. After a period of time, we aim for something else and forget our previous achievements and the things that we have. 

As a student, you may be struggling with a certain subject at school and you try your very best to overcome the difficulties faced and strive for better grades. If you are currently scoring a C grade, improving to a B grade would be fantastic, but once you have that B grade, very soon, you'll realise that you are now after an A grade. For those who have a number of A grades, they will be aiming for more As or straight As otherwise they just will not be happy.

Take a step back and remind ourselves of what we have already achieved, and give ourselves a pat on the back. Count our blessings, and be happy and satisfied with what we have achieved and currently have. Set new goals for ourselves, and try our best to achieve them, but do not forget what we already have. In this way, we will feel happier and satisfied about many things. If you feel that this just does not work, then try this. Imagine being taken away of some things that you currently have, be it your PC, smartphone, or the ability to read or write proper sentences, or your favourite teacher, or pocket money, or a good friend, or a particular book or assessment or guide book which helps you alot during exam preparation etc. We would be sad without these things/people, and imagine having them back after 24 hours, we would be so happy that 'normal service has been resumed'.