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Saturday, January 31, 2015


For people who are developing, be it students or adults, it is always beneficial if one is able to find an inspirational mentor.

In this way, the developing person can learn from the mentor and aspire to become as good or even better than him/her.

The path of most humans is almost the same (from being a child - teenager - youth - young adult - older adult - senior), so if you have a parent, teacher, older sibling, who has been there, done it, they can help you be as successful as them (minus some or most of the hiccups and the bumps along the way) because they can impart to you the good habits and tell you how to avoid the bad habits.

PS: I am no longer giving face to face tuition as I am now based overseas, however, I will still write posts occasionally, so you are most welcome to visit my blog. 

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