Long Term, Short Term, or Adhoc GUIDANCE/TUITION Available. Face to Face or Online. Please go to ''About Me'' for details.

About Me

Industry Best Practices Are Always Emulated To Assist And Guide Students!

Full-Time GP Tutor. The major difference between Full-Time and Part-Time Tutors is that Full-Time Tutors do this for a living and are therefore very serious about providing the best tuition services for students. Look at it this way, we (that is full-time tutors) take this as our work and have been doing this for a long time and plan on doing this long-term.

Interests: Current Affairs/ Issues.

Education: 1. Masters (Distinction) Degree. 2. Bachelor of Business (Marketing & International Business).

Work Experience: About 7-8 years work experience in both public and private sectors of Singapore, including statutory boards and banks.

Teacher Traits: Patient, Experienced, Reliable, Honest, Sincere.

Teaching Style: Professional, Effective, yet Friendly.

GP Help Can Be Provided In Various Ways:

- Face to Face Tuition: Individual or Small-Group Tuition. Can be conducted at your house, or my house, or a convenient discussion area outside.

- Seminars: One or two sessions only or on an adhoc, need to, basis (face to face). Recommended for students who are relatively strong in GP but want an added edge.

- Online Guidance: Online (real-time) discussions and assistance for local or overseas students.

- Purchasing Softcopies Of Suggested Answers/Guidelines To Sample Essay Questions.