Long Term, Short Term, or Adhoc GUIDANCE/TUITION Available. Face to Face or Online. Please go to ''About Me'' for details.

Rates / Charges

Market Rates (For Individual One-to-One Tuition) are : approximately $40 - $120 per hour depending on the Tutor's qualifications, experience and whether or not he/she is a current or ex JC teacher, graduate, under-graduate, non-graduate, full-time, part-time etc?

My Rates: Although I am a Masters (Distinction) Degree Holder with Real-Life Work Experience and Tutoring Experience, my charges are towards the lower end of the scale and are dependent on several factors. Please contact me to discuss if interested. Thanks.

I believe in providing quality assistance to students at an affordable rate.

Group Tuition can also be arranged. I have conducted one-to-one, one-to-two, and up to one-to-five in a group tuition. Rates will be even lower for group tuition. Thanks for reading.